Is to empower and support like-minded women who have the desire to take that step in starting or growing their business. The goal is to provide a space for you "Boss Women" to showcase your products and passion to the community and cultivate growth and development for your business. 

In addition to providing personal support through workshops, intimate social settings, networking and education. We want  women to realize their potential as world changers, business owners, dream creators and heroines of their own stories.

*All activities will be done online



Lively and Fun

Boss Women Unite hosts and collaborates events throughout the year. Showcasing crafters, artisans, homebased and small businesses from Tucson and the surrounding areas. 

As a vendor, you will be provided virtual space to showcase and or sale your items. In addition to advertisement that helps grow your business and bring awareness to the community of you, your products and your brand. This allows you the opportunity for direct sales, acquiring new customers and networking.

*Rates vary based on location. 

Membership rates: 15% off / Non-member: regular price


Perfectly Planned

Imagine being exposed to hundreds of potential customers! Boss Women Unite has set up an online retail boutique. Here’s another opportunity for Boss Women to showcase your passion and products throughout the community. The way this works is BWU will be offering out a space on our website retail store to give each person the opportunity to sell and display your business to a broader audience. 

Membership rates: 15% per total sales     

Non-Membership rates: 20% per total sales


Divine Experience

The Circle of Sisterhood is about finally letting go of worrying about what others think of you and speaking authentically and vulnerably about what you are going through in your life so you can let go of what’s not serving you and step into your power as a new generation feminine leader.

Twice a month we will dive deep as a collective into what it means to be a woman in this world and how you can live connected to your heart and receive support to achieve your dreams

In the sisterhood circle we will support each other's brilliance.

connections and network while being empowered with resources and tools to be the best and most successful Boss Women You can be. So Boss Women get ready to let your hair down and have some virtual fun! 

Membership Rates: FREE


Uplifting & Inspirational

Come grow, connect and find support in a group setting of like-minded women. This is for Boss Women to have a place to meet in a safe, non-invasive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Come and join us twice a month as we look at the challenges of our businesses, professional and personal lives to be able to look at challenges from different perspectives and the causes and effects. 

As members of this group

  • The individual who has presented their problem will be able to benefit from listening to different opinions and decide on the ones that best resonate with them.

  • Establish new mindsets and be able to set boundaries and get out of established mindsets. These sessions will facilitate new and innovative ways of thinking to help support you and your business.

  • Experience emotional support through friendships, create trusting business and personal accountability in a sisterhood of women who’ve got your back.

Membership rates: $10 per session/ Non-member rate: $20 per session (Drop ins  are welcomed) 

Individual business and confidence coaching sessions are also available upon request- Membership rate: $25/hour / Non-member rate: $35/hour


Growth & Development

As a Boss Woman, there are so many things to learn in this journey as an entrepreneur. Learning is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourishes our minds and gives us the tools and power that we need to be successful and move forward in life.  

Whether you’re in the beginning stages, the middle or a seasoned business owner, there’s always something to learn, or skills to be developed, or information to be acquired. Learning will always be a valuable asset.

Here at Boss Women Unite, we want to provide you with constant knowledge to help you grow and level up in business or your personal development. That’s why we will be hosting skill building and business educational workshops. Our workshops will be focused on the fundamentals and span from a variety of topics as it relates to you and your business needs.

*Rates may vary upon each workshop/ Membership rates: 15% off each workshop


Boss Women Unite Sisterhood

When Women get together and collaborate, amazing things happen! When you become a part of a strong women’s network, you become a part of a support group of like-minded women. Becoming a member of Boss Women Unite is the perfect place to be because you’ll have a strong connection and common ground with a sisterhood of like-minded individuals who want to grow, win and succeed. When you feel a strong common bond like this, every connection you make becomes more authentic. You are able to gain confidence, skills, connections, a platform, growth and development for you and your passion.

To be a part of a fierce sisterhood such as this, it’s an annual fee of $200. 

(Can be paid in full or monthly payments of $17 can cancel monthly payments at any time)

What does that get you? Valuable exclusive access to discounts on all events, workshops, groups, markets, free online downloadable resources to help you level up in your business and merchandise all year long. 

In addition to that, you will be a part of a movement and sisterhood of Boss Women who are creating their own stories through personal development, building strong businesses and unbreakable bonds with other like-minded women with unity and support.

Last but not least…..As a member of Boss Women Unite, every event that you participate in, you will be eligible for a $500 scholarship to help with and go towards your business! Our goal at Boss Women Unite is to help women do what they love and have support while doing it! There is great potential inside of you and it’s up to you to decide to say YES to the life and business that you truly desire!

Sis, There’s a seat waiting at our table just for you! Will You join us? 


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